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Everyone wants to live healthy lives. Here at Rocket Labs, we want the same, but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. Oftentimes, individuals carry genes that are precursors to other chronic health conditions. In most cases, the condition is not detected until they are symptomatic. Once a person becomes symptomatic, they transition from the prevention of chronic disease to management of symptoms from the disease.

The benefits of having your labs resulted at Rocket Labs are we can help give you a piece of mind by helping you take control of your health and become proactive in the early prevention and detection of such adverse conditions. Wellness labs provides a crystal-clear picture of your current health and provides a crystal ball for you to see into your future health. Rocket Labs & Testing can test for hundreds of labs at a low cost. We can test for hundreds of clinical lab test and panels. These are the same test your primary care provider can order. It is convenient. If you are not able to come to us, we can come to you. We offer MOBILE SERVICES. Your results are safe and secure. Here at The Rocket, you and your privacy are respected. There’s No Judgement, Just Results. When You Need to Know. Meet us at The Rocket, if you are you ready to become proactive in your health?

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