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Every year over 200,000 people have to be fingerprinted. Some reasons people need finger printing for background checks for jobs in real estate, child protective services, automotive, transportation industry, the medical community and law enforcement to name a few.

There are two popular ways in which fingerprinting is conducted. Livescan version and an Ink version. With the livescan version, it is electronic. There is no ink card. This method is faster, more accurate and cleaner than the antiquated ink roll method.

Fingerprint Background Checks looks into a person’s criminal history. Fingerprint background checks can, however, provide non-criminal data such as full name, DOB, Aliases, Residence, Citizenship, Place of Birth, Sex, Race, Weight, Height, Eye Color Social Security Number and Hair Color. During the process, the fingerprints are ran against both FBI and state criminal data bases. Automated fingerprint identification systems can produce ID error rates of less than 1%. Name checks are not as reliable.

Many employers use fingerprinting background checks to as a more secure way of screening and offer a more valuable means of identification. Many people share the same name, but no two people have the same fingerprint. Fingerprints never change throughout the life span.

Fingerprinting was initially used for by law enforcement and criminal investigations, but not for employee screening.

Coupled with pre-employment drug testing, fingerprinting background checks are a sure way to ensure your workplace is a safe place. They add an extra step of vetting when a new candidate is being considered for a job that has high security measures, high ethical conduct and yields high productivity margins.

At Rocket Labs & Testing we provide fingerprinting and drug testing services all in one visit to assist employers to hire the best and most qualified candidates.

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