Pregnancy Testing


BOY OR GIRL? Want it to be a surprise and planning a gender reveal? Rocket Labs & Testing would be elated to become a part of your journey to motherhood! Whether it’s your first child or 10th child, no two pregnancies are ever the same.

At The Rocket, we can perform a pregnancy test and determine the gender of the child as early as 7 weeks in contrast to the scheduled 18 to 21 week visit in the doctors office! The test is 99.9% accurate and it is easy as 1-2-3.

It does require a blood draw, so allow one of our highly trained medical professionals to take your DNA sample. This will make the process much easier yields accurate pregnancy test results on the first try.

When a female is pregnant, the DNA of the unborn child appears in her bloodstream. This test searches for the absence of the Y-chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes and males have one X and one Y chromosome. Once the DNA sample is collected the specimen is sent off to the lab. This lab maintains the highest levels of accreditation and ensures reliable processing methods, privacy and protection. After processing, all results are read by a team of in-house physicians before they are released to the expecting mother.

Ready for your reveal? Meet us at The Rocket to help you discover the gender of your little one at 7 weeks instead of 21.

Schedule your appointment today or call us for an on-site request.

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