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After Hours Testing

Accidents don’t happen between 9am to 5pm. Accidents happen after hours too. If an accident where to happen and there is a need to determine if drugs were a factor in the cause of the accident, timing is critical. At Rocket Labs we offer after hours drug and alcohol testing to assist employers and anyone who’s may in need of immediate drug and alcohol drug testing results.

We understand accidents happen after hours. The “after hour” collection will yield the same results as any of our other collection services. Services are completed in a prompt and professional manner. Privacy and dignity will remain at the forefront of the collection process. If you need us after hours, onsite or at your location, Rocket Labs & Testing makes the “after hour” drug testing process a simple one. Call Our Phone Lines Are Open.

Rocket Labs will accommodate after hour services for

• DWI/DUI Accidents
• Teen drug/Alcohol testing
• Workplace Accidents
• Motor Vehicle Accidents

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