Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing


During random drug test, employers are selecting their candidates randomly by a computerized system. Using a scientifically valid method, computerized systems ensures fairness and that everyone will be tested periodically and evenly over a calendar year. Employees do not receive a warning or a heads up of receiving a random drug screen. Giving a warning prior to the random drug test defeats the entire purpose of random drug testing. The test should be a surprise. Random drug testing is also a deterrent factor from doing drugs.

Besides employers mandating random drug test, individuals can be randomly tested as well if they are involved in the following:

  • Probation Required Drug Testing
  • Child Protection Services (CPS) agency cases
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Court Ordered Random Drug Testing
  • Professional License Violations (Airline Pilot, Medical Licensing, Coast Guard, Commercial Driver’s License holder)
  • Children Involved Sports Activities at School

In 2002, Board of Education vs. Earls, The U.S Supreme Court granted affirmation to the permissibility of random drug testing for student athletes and that it is constitutional to do so.

Employing a random drug testing policy in your workplace ensures employee safety, increases the likeliness of low production and a high-quality candidate/employee. Although laws vary from state to state, pre-employment and random drug testing is a good policy to have implemented into your business.

Rocket Labs & Testing can provide your company with random drug testing using a scientifically valid method of testing.

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