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Paris - Onassis Smith

J. Paris Onasssis-Smith

J. Paris Onassis-Smith, the CEO of Rocket Labs & Testing, is an alumna of Hampton University of Hampton, Virginia, a nurse with 15 years of experience and a proud Army veteran. HOOAH!

As the Officer In Charge (OIC) for the U.S. Army’s COVID-19 Vaccination team at Fort Bliss, TX (August 2020-December 2020), speaks volumes about her resilience and leadership. During the peak of the pandemic, she led a team of 8 enlisted soldiers, successfully vaccinating over 4000 service members and their beneficiaries in just 30 days. Her exceptional accomplishment earned her the prestigious Army Commendation Medal for a second time. Accomplishing the Hospital Commander’s intent was an extraordinary feat, marking a historic achievement at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, as no other service member nor staff had achieved this order in its 102 years of existence.

Prior to her Army career, Paris’s career extended to providing comprehensive care in Critical Care settings such as the Medical Intensive Care Unit/Progressive Care Units and high op-tempo environments such as Department of Corrections and in Emergency Medicine nursing.

In 2022, Paris founded Rocket Labs & Testing. Her vision is clear—to contribute to alleviating the challenges in the supply chain by prioritizing the well-being of America’s backbone—Truck Drivers and other safety sensitive employees. Paris believes in taking care of those who take care of us and her commitment echoes through the core values of Rocket Labs & Testing.

Paris brings a rare blend of clinical expertise and administrative acumen to Rocket Labs & Testing. Her ability to seamlessly collaborate with corporate teams underscores her capacity to bridge the gap between clinical excellence and administration. As the CEO, she is navigating “The Rocket” towards a future where innovation, compassion and efficiency converge.

  • Over Achiever: 100% 100%
  • Nurse Educator: 100% 100%
  • Longhorn Mom & Migos Lover: 100% 100%

TaQuisha Foster

A certified Marvel for sure and the Chief of Laboratory Operations for Rocket Labs & Testing, TaQuisha is definitely a major player at Rocket Labs. Having served in the United States Army she brings a wealth of experience and skillset to the team.

TaQuisha has been nursing for 4 years with experience in hospital operations for 6 years to include Primary Care, Critical care, Dementia, Outpatient Care and Memory Care. She also has 2 years of Senior Leadership for Medical-Surgical and the Labor and Delivery Wards.

Some of her key career highlights are: an ARMY Commendation award was bestowed upon her from Senior Leadership for superior performance for streamlining the ordering and receiving of supplies contributing to saving the Unites States Army over $200 million; service to over 750 civilians with life sustaining procedures and supplies during a national disaster; the initiation of Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (FLIPL); directly responsible for $20 million worth of government equipment; the development, implementation and execution of a COVID-19 Ward during the initial COVID- 19 pandemic, resulting in quality provisional care and service to over 500 servicemen and their beneficiaries.

For fun, TaQuisha likes to travel and participates in arts and crafts. The word “excited” about having her a part of the Rocket Labs team is an understatement!

  • World Traveler: 100% 100%
  • Baltimore Ravens Fan: 100% 100%
  • Concert Lover: 100% 100%

Lorri Hays

We are honored to have Lorri Hays, Chief of Nursing Operations, as an integral part of our stellar team! Lorri’s remarkable background and dedication to service align seamlessly with our commitment to excellence and innovation.

A certified Warrior in her own right, Lorri’s an Army veteran with 20 years of dedicated service. She brings a unique blend of military discipline, precision and leadership to our team. Her extensive military career, which started at the age of 17 and marked by numerous accolades and achievements, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. She’s a team player who believes in the power of hard work and collaboration. Her commitment to values, morals and respect for others shines through, creating a positive and inclusive environment.

Lorri’s journey in the Army led her to commission as an officer in the Army Nurse Corp, earning a plethora of accolades along the way. With six Army Accommodation Medals, eight Army Achievement Medals and a Combat Field Medical Badge, Lorri’s excellence in the field is truly commendable.

As a Board-Certified Medical Surgical nurse by the American Association Colleges of Nursing (AACN), her expertise goes beyond the battlefield . This level of certification reflects her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of proficiency and skill in the healthcare profession.

A solid organizational maestro, Rocket Labs & Testing is thrilled to benefit from Lorri’s organizational prowess. Her keen eye for detail and ability to orchestrate with precision is a invaluable asset that enhances our operational efficiency and ensures seamless execution.

Rocket Labs & Testing proudly serves with Lorri Hays, and we look forward to achieving new heights together. HOOAH !

  • SME on Organizing & Planning: 100% 100%

Cassandra Richardson

Cop to Nurse to Military Leadership to Chief of Medical Operations. What an impressive career! As an Air Force Veteran who served for 36 years and former Senior Medical Case Manager at the Air Force Personnel Center, Cassandra has played a pivotal role in managing a $55.2M Medical Continuation program. Her responsibilities included overseeing the case life cycle for service members, ensuring optimal medical readiness, and upholding the highest standards of care.

In her role as a Senior Team Leader, Cassandra managed 26 states across 2 regions, skillfully case managing Air Reserve component airmen to appropriate medical resolutions. She served as a trusted advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force, major commands, Air National Guard units, Air Force Reserve units and active-duty military treatment facilities on MEDCON execution policies and procedures.

A certified multifaceted leader indefinitely, Cassandra’s leadership extends beyond the Air Force. As the Assistant Chief Nurse/Medical Officer at the 169th Medical Group McEntire ANG, SC, she orchestrated installation medical management, executed fighter wing medical case management programs and contributed to executive medical committees and deployment availability working groups.

Cassandra’s commitment to excellence is mirrored in her educational journey. With a Masters of Science in Nursing (Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner) from Maryville University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

With a background in Trauma and Medical ICU and Progressive Care units, Cassandra has excelled as a registered nurse and an assistant manager in her career. As the Chief of Medical Operations at Rocket Labs & Testing, she brings a plethora of experience and leadership to healthcare in the drug testing milieu and to the Rocket Labs team. Her ability to blend military precision with healthcare expertise makes her a certified Maverick on our team for sure!

  • Tea Party Connoisseur: 100% 100%

Stephen M. Smith

The Gladiator of Excellence and a results-driven leader with over 19 years of unparalleled expertise in senior leadership roles within the United States Army. As our Chief of Operations Officer at Rocket Labs & Testing, Stephen brings a wealth of experience, passion and a proven track record of success to the forefront.

Stephen’s 20 year military journey began at 17 years of age and is marked by rapid advancements through the ranks, earning him a stellar reputation for leading and managing multiple priorities in performance-critical environments. From serving as a Fleet Maintenance Supervisor in Oahu, Hawaii, to his role as a Sr. Technical Advisor in Dongducheon, Korea, Stephen’s exceptional problem-solving skills and people-centric approach have consistently delivered outstanding results.

Currently serving as the Chief of Operations, Stephen is a key pillar in our management team. Prior to his current role, Stephen’s impact was felt at Amazon Logistics in Seattle, Washington, where he served as the Sr. Logistics Regional Fleet Operation Manager. His initiatives led to the optimization of daily processes and a remarkable operational readiness rate of 98%.

Armed with an MBA in Logistics & Project Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, and an Associate of Arts in General Studies, Stephen is not just a seasoned professional, but a dedicated learner. His certifications, includes Six Sigma Black Belt and Demonstrated Senior Logistician and attest to his commitment to excellence.

Stephen M. Smith, a certified dynamo and an invaluable asset to Rocket Labs & Testing!

  • Golden State Warriors Fan: 100% 100%
  • Missed an episode of Breaking Bad: 0% 0%
  • Ambitious Philosophical Thinker: 100% 100%

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